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Organic Wine Club is live: buy organic wine online and save

What to buy or avoid – June 2016

Welcome to a new edition of which wines to buy or avoid this June 2016. It has been 18 months that this monthly feature regularly appears live and in your inbox, I hope you find it useful. There is a lot to tell about organic wines, so let’s get going!

Why to blame the wine?

One of the questions that seem to be receiving quite regularly is ‘Why to have a negative connotation? Why blaming?’
I agree that with the world full of stress we do not need another stress provoking website. That’s why I wanted to clarify that IBlameTheWine.com is simply about health aspects of drinking, both physical and mental. Every wine drinker should know the limits, guidelines and be equipped with tools and even tips how to make it work well for them. Remember our articles ’10 easy tips to drink well but less’ and many more? Another important focus of this website is quality wines. At the very least the goal is to avoid drinking poor wines (and by poor I mean those made with pesticides, addition of sugar and even colouring) and switching to better, healthier and more flavourful wines. Not necessarily paying much more for those. That is why the site is focused a lot on organic wines, features The Best Organic Wines list and also the list of those to avoid.

Who is new to organic wine retail in the UK?

Organic Wine Club - buy organic wines onlineWhen talking about organic wines it is of no surprise that every new entrant to wine retail is being noticed by us! This new market player is interesting because it is focusing solely on organic wines – it is Organic Wine Club.

Organic Wine Club is a new and dynamic startup dedicated to providing great tasting organic wines for everyone who feel their happy and healthy lifestyle is important to them. They are a small business operating online and also starting up as a brick and mortar store located between the borders of South West London and Surrey – in Worcester Park. Their mission is help people drink less but better wines! We cannot agree more with that statement.

Organic Wine Club offers delicious organic wines which are better for your health. These are great tasting wines that you can savour for a longer period and hence reduce your alcohol intake. They simply want you to have a better, healthier and happier wine lifestyle by drinking organic.

What is interesting to note that apart from many retailers who strive to be everything for everyone, they do not aim to represent all possible regions or styles, but to offer great tasting organic wines, which they claim they want to drink themselves. Those also include different and unusual wines.

To help you not only find the best organic wines, but also great deals on organic wines, we are the first ones to advertise their exclusive pre-launch sale.
Organic_wine_club pre launch sale on organic wine club casesClick on their logo to open it in the new window. Simply choose one of three mixed cases – from 6 Everyday wines to 12 bottle case of ‘Introduction to Organic Wines’ and finally 6 bottles of what they call ‘Best of Organic’.

Top tip: Do not forget to add your email and receive a Free Delivery coupon in your welcome email. Make sure you do that and enter that coupon code when you checkout. You will save £8!

When talking to Organic Wine Club, we have learned that these cases are heavily discounted and contain a surprise. We do not know what it is, but it is thrilling – will you let us know what it is?

What’s inside of one of these pre-launch organic wine cases?

These are 12 bottles in the introductory case – they are all different and contain 4 bottles of organic white wines, 1 rose, 1 sparkling and 6 different bottles of organic red wines. Exciting!

Jane Ventura white (Spain);
Gaba do Xil Godello (Spain);
Domaine Colombette (France);
Weingut zur Romeikelter Riesling (Germany);
Jane Ventura rose (Spain);
Cremant de Limoux (France);
Flor de Montsant (Spain);
Albet i Noya Tempranillo Classic Ull de Llebre (Spain);
Old School Minervois (France);
‘Pure’ Cabernet Sauvignon (France);
Chateaux Rochecolombe Cotes du Rhone Villages(France);
Zinfandel Bonterra (USA).

There are 80 cases in total, so make sure you grab yours as they might go fast! 20% discount off RRP is offered and a free delivery if you will follow our guidelines. This case will also earn you 1000 Wine Drops, their loyalty programme which will eventually allow you to get some fabulous free wine. Just visit them to learn more, the green ticker on the right bottom corner will show you the details.

OK, site recap is done, exciting news about Organic Wine Club is told, now it is our turn to turn to healthy stuff.

Sleep and how wine affects it

Sleep is the third health pillar apart from diet and exercise – so even if you need to blame the wine, you still can change your habits and get more sleep.

Make sure you don’t drink directly before going to bed, as it greatly affects the quality of your sleep and also make you sleep less.
I still remember one of the stars of today’s content – Arianna Huffington, who was a speaker at TED, just google to see her quick speech on sleep. When she said that we all can be more productive and more focused by simply getting much more sleep. True that, sleep refreshes up and in some studies was shown to even help us flush neurotoxins. What’s not to love?

So next time you enjoy some amazing organic wines, make it so by following your limits and not drinking it straight before going to bed.

In our next review we will focus on sulphite-free wines and how people who suffer from asthma and allergies feel better by drinking wines with no sulphites added.

So far – have a look at our The Best Organic Wines top list, have a go at Organic Wine Club exciting pre-launch sale and let us know what you think!


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