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Priorat product not for oral use

During my organic wine tour to Priorat, I have indeed tasted dozens of wines, they were provided during professional wine tastings and tasted awesome. Yet this time this short review is not about wine!

Imagine you get a some crushed grapes that were not used in the winemaking. What would you do with it?

Mas Sinen vineyardWhen visiting a company called Celler Burgos Porta, the owner actually showed how those gorgeous grapes organically grown in Priorat could be used – in a cosmetic product!

Priorat cremeThis picture says it all – this moisturising cream is made from the same grapes that are used to produce Mas Sinen wines (please see my review here),  and cost just under 30 euro for the larger (100ml) one.

The cream is of a light pink colour and it smells gorgeous! It is a shame they are not yet sold in the UK, but should you be planning to visit Catalunya and interested in a tour, I know just a great company to inquire about it – please see my review about wine tours in Spain here.

Have you tried any of the cosmetic products that are made using grapes? There is a lot of goodness in the skins of these grapes that we can use to aid the elasticity of the skin and add some moisture to it.

Mas Sinen 2009I do not think I am able to do ‘before and after’ type of shots, but it is very comforting to know that those organic grapes can be consumed as a wine, but also to help us look healthier (and thus happier).

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