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Silbador 2013 Organic Cabernet Sauvignon Chile

Silbador 2013 Organic Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile

Silbador 2013 Organic Cabernet Sauvignon ChileSilbador 2013 is made from organic Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in the Valley del Rapel in Chile.

This wine was produced by a renowned organic wine company Emiliana specially for The Wine Society.

Here are a few geeky wine facts about this organic wine:

1. Silbador means ‘the whistler’, a bird that eats insects in the vineyard. It is increasingly important, because various birds, bugs, bees and wildlife provide a natural way to protect the vineyard without using any pesticides.

2. Emiliana is a rare example of a wine company that actually put a bold statement on the bottle that they care about their people by providing unique opportunities for their development and education, arranging hem to manage and take profits from some auxiliary products like honey and olive oil but also to work on their allotments and grow organic produce for themselves. Their care about the environment also manifested in usage of biodiesel for their tractors.

As part of a wider community involvement they also provide computers for schools in Chile.

3. Finally, let’s explore the wine itself. It shows pronounced aromas of cassis and chocolate. When you taste it, the flavours appear less sweet, but more refreshing acidity with blackcurrant, notes of dark cherry and herbs.

It is a very interesting organic Chilean wine with complex fruit flavours and spicy herby notes. You will be delighted with its concentration of flavours that gives a hint about a very careful winemaker’s job. Its organic status and sustainable viticulture make it sing even better.


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