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The Best Organic Wines

Do you spend an extra second and also £ to find and source the best organic produce to use for your meals? Why to miss an important part of your feast – wine?

organic_farming_logoSimply put, the grapes could be organic (easily), but most of the wineries use preservatives (sulphites) in their winemaking process, which potentially be the cause of headaches and even severe asthma. Even if it is not normally possible to eliminate sulphites (they also occur naturally), the governing bodies ensure that both grape growing and winemaking processes are organic.

My mission is to find organic wines, taste them, and share the findings with you. This top list is constantly updated, so please save this bookmark on your phone or laptop and come back for more. Enjoy your wines.. in a healthier way!

Organic Red wines

1270 a vuit fina organic Priorat

1270 A VUIT FINA 2011 is made by Celler Hidalgo Albert in Priorat from Organic grapes. It is high in alcohol with Priorat’s typical 14.5% abv.

Aromas are quite subtle, with a mix of berries, both red and black ones coming out, just a bit of oak, spices and just a tiny bit herbal (can’t just recognise what it is!). It is no wonder it is such a mix. The winemaker used Garnacha, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc in the blend. Surprisingly no Carinena, and also Cab Franc is quite new to the blend in Priorat region.

Sourced from Organic Wine Club, an independent organic wines specialist.


Silbador 2013 Organic Cabernet Sauvignon Chile

Silbador 2013 is made from organic Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in the Valley del Rapel in Chile.

This wine was produced by a renowned organic wine company Emiliana specially for The Wine Society.

It shows pronounced aromas of cassis and chocolate. When you taste it, the flavours appear less sweet, but more refreshing acidity with blackcurrant, notes of dark cherry and herbs. It is a very interesting organic Chilean wine with complex fruit flavours and spicy herby notes. You will be delighted with its concentration of flavours that gives a hint about a very careful winemaker’s job. Its organic status and sustainable viticulture make it sing even better.


1270 a vuit Prorat 2009

1270 A VUIT 2009, organic  wine from Celler Hidalgo Albert, Priorat DOQ. This wine is 15% abv. Winemaker used a bit more traditional blend (to Priorat region), consisting of 40% Garnacha, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Syrah, 10% Merlot and 10% Carinena. It has been  matured for 14 months in oak barrels and then in bottles for another 18 months.

This organic wine is definitely a fruit explosion of strawberry, cherry, plums, and black currants with a good layer of spice – pepper and vanilla; some dried fruit makes it slightly sweet. It has smooth woodiness – vanilla makes it smooth, but you can taste some charred wood and cedar.

It is very pleasant. and knowing it’s organic I need to applaud the winemaker  – the wine is powerful, but so round and juicy! Tannins are noticeable just a bit later – an interesting additional layer to the overall taste. Available at Organic Wine Club.


The wine has a rich mix of black fruit and black cherry aromas, opening up to herbal and minty notes. I find it very pleasant – I love a taste of stalks and pure fruit. It has wood and forest herbs as pronounced notes just right after first mouthfeel. It is also quite warming, but just 12.5%, which is truly amazing!

It’s maybe thinner than you expect, but wonderful aromas and flavours of cassis, cherries and black fruit make up for a somewhat weak body of it. It’s rather enigmatic and complex – very good job, I say. Sourced at a local indie wine merchant, but also available at Organic Wine Club.


Beyra 2012 Organic Mencia Portugal

Beyra 2012, Organic Mencia, Portugal. This organic Portuguese wine shows exciting minerality, delicate and fresh wild berries and forest fruit. It is fresh, not overly acidic, round, full of forest fruit and depth of a hot climate. Hugh altitude makes it fresh and no barrel ageing means there is no oaky flavours. To make the layers go more complex, there is this granite minerality that makes this wine even more special.

Finish is elegant and shows this wine’s freshness and pure qualities of these organic Mencia grapes. Sourced at The Wine Society.


Albet i Noya Finca La Milana 2009 organicOrganic Albet i Noya Finca La Milana 2009 is made in Penedes, Spain and boasts of the usual alcoholic content of 15%. First impression you get is how soft this wine is. It opens up like a feather, one made of blackcurrants, plums and blackberries. Wonderful. When you taste it, it further develops into a sour cherry, red currant flavours (due to its refreshing acidity) and finishes with blackberries, plums with some earthy and mineral-like spice. 

It has a bouquet of complex spice and further gamey and animal notes. These give you a hint that the ageing made its toll, and indeed 13 months in French oak resulted in the softness of this organic wine so you will enjoy it immensely. It is a blend if Merlot, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Caladoc. Sourced at Organic Wine Club28/35

 Maris 2012 organic Syrah from MinervoisMaris 2012 from Minervios, South of France.

The wine offers a very pleasant array of aromas with dark fruit and loads of herbs – thyme, rosemary and sweeter vanilla and just a bit of liquorice. Flavours are even more pronounced with blackberries, dark cherries and ripe forest fruit with beautiful herbal bouquet of thyme, rosemary, liquorice and bay leaf. Some dark chocolate as an aftertaste completes a story of this complex but very approachable wine.
Minervois establishes itself as a powerhouse in the South of France, but this particular producer is following all bio-dynamic and organic principles making this wine a unique find at Waitrose and Ocado.

Gnano 2011 organic Carignan Tuscany Italy

Gnano Maremma Tuscany 2011 – made from organic Carignan grapes, this wine is of a very perfumed nature, mineral qualities and generous, but restrained red fruit with some notes of black fruit.

Aromas are fresh, full of cherries and damson. Acidity is definitely there, but it varies happily with the fruit creating a round yet fresh mouth-feel. There is also some sweet spice, gorgeous and round oakness to it with vanilla and leather notes that are  simultaneously playing around.

Amazing wine from Vintage Roots, retails at £18.75. Currently not available in the UK.


Pure Petit Verdot 2012 Domaine BrauPure Petit Verdot 2012, that is 100% organic Petit Verdot grapes from Domaine de Brau.  At first I was slightly disappointed – it was simply not very attractive when I smelled it. Yet its Flavours are much much better – gorgeous black and forest fruit, velvety peppery and floral, refreshing, ripe and, overall, very pleasant. The wine is smooth and not overly powerful with a 13% alcohol content, but quite juicy. This grape is not very tannic, but quite straightforward with its fruity juiciness. 

I recommend it very much, but do not forget to chill it slightly. Available at Organic Wine Club for just over £12.


loidana smallLoidana Priorat 2012 is produced by Marco Abella and even though it does not bear the organic sign on the bottle it can be considered as uncertified organic.


The blend is made from Garnacha, Carignan (or locally labelled as Samso) and a bit of Cabernet Sauvignon. Aromas are not that exciting, some organic off smells are present, but they quickly fade away. Flavours are of generous black fruit, sweet spice and of some woody full bodied character. It goes well with additional layers of rich blackberry and bramble fruit, vanilla and cedar notes.

This wine was sourced directly from Spain using Catalunya Wine online store. You can find some other interesting wines from the same cellar in the UK by visiting Lea&Sandeman website.


Pure Organic Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

This one will not disappoint – it shows really pure and straightforward flavours of black currant – both fruit and leaf, which is so typical for Cabernets. It’s savoury, fruity, not at all sweet; also not really round, but quite edgy. I quite like it – there is some forest fruit, just a little bit, but very astonishing work on Cab Sav!
Can be sourced at Organic Wine Club.

Barranc Dels Comellars Priorat 2012
It’s what I call organic wine – it is slightly matured, bursting with flavours, complexity and minerality.
Black fruit dominate, but give way to more refreshing red fruit flavours, herbs, and hints of oak. Its oak is amazing – it gives depth, a bit of vanilla hints, but not going over to a sweet side – it is more of cedar and earthy notes.
Sourced at Organic Wine Club.

Domain de Rancy 2011 Le Mourvedre Cotes Catalanes

Domaine de Rancy, Organic Mourvedre 2011, Cotes Catalanes, France.

It is a truly glorious wine with concentrated bramble flavours, but still not overly sweet. The wine is rich yet still very juicy (you can say even a  bit watery), which is not bad as it makes it more approachable and easy to drink.

Lovely concentrated aromas and flavours, delicious!

Can be sourced at The Wine Society.


 Dominio Basconcillos 2012 Ribera del DueroApologies for the picture! 🙂 Dominio Basconcillos was immensely enjoyed as you can see!
It comes from the renowned Spanish region of Ribera del Duero, which is famous for its woody and powerful reds. This organic wine (2012 vintage) offer rich blackberry and bramble flavours, very intense cherry and some hints of oak. It has a very luscious deep colour and overall plays well – it is round, complex and fruity. What is not to like?

You can buy it from the independent retailer Organic Wine Club.


Cabirol 2011 Organic Tempranillo Garnacha Montsant

Cabirol 2011 Organic Garnacha Tempranillo, Montsant.

Expecting ample aromas of bramble and black fruit, but with some very ripe apple aromas as well, which give this wine that elegant and subtle touch of freshness.

When  you taste the wine, these apple flavours at the back again prove to give an additional refreshing acidity, which counterbalance the ripeness of the fruit. You will see that the complexity is there and the flavours are quite pronounced. What is impressive is how this wine’s sharpness is complemented with freshness and some further oak – really good job!

Can be sourced at Organic Wine Club for an unbeatable value – a great find!


Organic Tempranillo 2011 Albet I Noya, Penedes, Spain

Organic Tempranillo 2011 Ull de Llebre, Albet I Noya, Penedes, Spain.

It displays wonderful strawberry notes, ripe raspberry and juicy plums, just without the punch of oak and vanilla that comes with it.

This organic Spanish red is made from 100% organic Tempranillo grapes, which were hand harvested from 35 years old vines. Sourced from Organic Wine Club.


Navarrsotillo Crianza 2011 organic RiojaNavarrsotillo 2011, Organic Rioja Crianza, sourced also from Abel and Cole, is made from 90% Tempranillo and 10% Garnacha. The wine is also oak matured for 12 months, which makes it taste really woody with pronounced strawberry and vanilla flavours.

The aromas have some depth and width to it – the wine is round and not sharp at all. Flavours are typically Rioja with additional roundness and a lot of generous fruit. The latter plays a major part in this wine, overtaking the woodiness, which is also a good aspect, as woodiness and vanilla are just on the back. It is a bit sweeter, but still very pleasant as the acidity adds a special kick and refreshing quality. The wine is very pleasant, but again, it is not overly complex.



Chateau BChateau Bouissel organic Frontonouissel Classic 2012AOC Fronton is an organic wine from France, which is a blend of ever popular Cabernet Sauvignon with a little gem like Negrette.  When smelling the wine it appears to have some off aromas, but it’s getting better with trying it –  the wine starts singing with good flavours of cassis and round tannins. It is very juicy with notes of violets and liquorice, but also pleasant  refreshing acidity. The complexity of this wine also benefits from some forest fruit and touches of cedar.

Negrette gives both freshness, dark colours and this weird combo of floral and liquorice notes.

Available at The Wine Society. 26/35

Blau Mari organic Garnacha Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Blau Mari Garnacha & Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, Tarragona, Spain is sold by Oddbins.
 Passionate winemaking takes its toll in this wine – it is lower in alcohol than what we can expect from such a hot region, at 13%. Garnacha is clearly readable with the perfumed red fruits and elegant acidity. I am not sure that Cabernet Sauvignon makes this wine better as when you taste it some really noticeable tannins pop in front – I do not mind tannic wines, on contrary I love them, but this bottle is just slightly off balance. Do not call me picky (even if I am sometimes), when you get this gorgeous organic Garnacha in front, you are just doubtful why you need a bit of ripe cassis and loads of tannins. You don’t! Regardless, it is still a very pleasant organic wine so I give it 26/35.

Luzon Organic Monastrell 2014

Luzon Verde Organic 2014 Monastrell, Jumilla is sold by Oddbins.
With its black fruit flavours and some interesting counter balance of acidity and sweetness it is not bad. Alcohol is at the higher levels, typical for southern Spain, at 14% .
It is not the wine you will buy for more than 10 pounds and have something to talk about the bottle, but it is pleasant, all over organic (two certificates on the bottle) and well-balanced: I like restrained acidity, good black fruit and juiciness in this young Monastrell.

Lagasca organic Tempranillo Petit Verdot Castilla

Lagasca 2014 from La Tierra de Castilla provided by Humble Grape. This wine has all possible certifications as it is biodynamic and organic. It is a young blend of Tempranillo & Petit Verdot, which is quite unusual nowadays, but also quite exciting at the same time. The wine is plummy with strawberry and red currant flavours, so typical to Tempranillo. Flavours are married with intense perfume, colour and some black fruit of Petit Verdot. It makes this wine fresh but sweet-ish, straghtforward but complex with fruity flavours.  

It is more on a simple and a bit sweet side, but the fruit is there; it is elegant and touched with vanilla and spice (thyme, rosemary). This organic Tempranillo – Petit Verdot is exciting, but of an everyday type of wine.  26/35

Albet i Noya Catalunya
Petit Albet 2013, Albet i Noya, Catalunya is a ‘young’ Catalan organic wine with 14% abv.
It is made from a blend of local and international varieties and shows pleasant freshness (no oak, just stainless steel tanks maturation). The wine is juicy with ripe red fruit (red currant and plum), and some blueberry on the back. It is not overcomplicated – it can be regarded as an easy drinking style, good for lighter dishes like poultry and salads.

You can source it from independents like ‘Vintage Roots’.


Brau 60/40 Cabernet Franc Cabernet Sauvignon OrganicBrau 60/40 Cabernet Franc Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 from Pay d’Oc. 2014 Challenge Millesime Bio was triumphant for them – they won a silver medal. Taste-wise, you will feel slight bitterness, both in terms of its aromas and flavours. It gives away Cab Franc, whereas black currants and black currant leaf are the Cab Sav typical flavours. All blending in nicely and correctly then. It is juicy, somewhat slightly watery, but nevertheless very attractive. It flows nicely, and then you notice this bitterness and earthiness on the back, so if you like these savoury sensations you should try this wine. It has some meaty notes to it too! Available from Planet Organic.


Lobetia organic Tempranillo Dominio de Punctum

Lobetia 2014, Organic Tempranillo from Dominio De Punctum located in the lands of la Tierra de Castilla, Spain.

It is very juicy and mellow, expressive of red fruits, strawberries in particular, which give way to more pronounced black cherries and some violets on the back.

This wine is a pleasant weekday wine, that would be good for lighter dinners al-fresco in the garden, with pasta dishes and/or picnic. It will not blow your mind, but as an organic and young wine , it doesn’t appear to express any off flavours, but just mellow with quite ample fruit.  Sourced from Abel and Cole25/35.

Thirsty Earth Primitivo Puglia

It has some bold black cheery flavours, woody vanilla undertones and hints of violets. It is amazing how good these flavours are expressing themselves – the wine comes from the southern part of Italy, but it is not overripe. This Primitivo brings freshness, yet lush fruit and some underlying spicy sweetness.
Sourced from Ocado.


 Rich flavours of black fruit, hints of mint and other herbs. The aromas are quite tender, but the first sip opens up a powerful mix of flavours, which is also round, smooth and a little bit sweetish. It will go down a treat with your traditional bacon and mushroom casseroles or with the warming steak pie. The wine is slightly more mature than your usual organic wines that are now on the shelves, and also a bit more on alcoholic strength at 14%. Available at Waitrose.

Adobe Reserva 2013 organic Carmenere Chile

Adobe Reserva 2013 Organic Carmenere, Colchagua Valley, Chile.

It’s made from Carmenere, a popular Chilean variety, which is giving a generous amount of black fruit, bramble and sweet spice. It’s not spicy, but quite round with a ripe plum, dark cherry and bramble compote. Very juicy and round.

It is a very good wine for those who like this rich and robust, but somewhat sweet Chilean style. This one is very representative of a country and a variety – an organic factor is an additional plus. It is a very good organic Chilean wine. Sourced from the independent organic wine specialist Organic Wine Club.



 Organic Rose wines

Xinomavro 2013 organic rose wineXinomavro Rose 2013 offers candy-like aromas: floral and sweet red fruit (strawberry), very intensely perfumed. Expect a good balance of refreshing acidity, but not over the top; there are also delicious sweet-ish fruit flavours and some touches of lemon-lime combination. It is so easy to be off balance, but it is not the case here. Fruit flavours could be much more robust, but the balance is key here – acidity is not sharp, fruit is not weak or too pungent – this wine is a good accompaniment for you summery salads and starters, it won’t play the first part though. Good thing about matching this organic Greek wine with food is that its restrained fruity side will not go against some savoury starters containing parma ham or jamon serrano.


Organic white wines

1270 a vuit blanc organic priorat

1270 A VUIT Blanc, Organic Priorat is made from white Garnacha and has a wonderful complexity of apricot, peach and lime aromas. This organic white tastes very round, with fresh notes of lemon lime it is juicy and refreshing; its deepness comes with layers of apricots and peaches together with floral notes.

Oak is there just a little bit, but you can already taste some buttery notes. I really like this organic white Garnacha – it is very exciting, not just being unusual, but because of its roundness, pleasant acidity which is somewhat masked by high alcohol and warm mouthfeel. Fruitiness is married perfectly with oak.

Sourced at Organic Wine Club.


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