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They are not cooking and eating veg?

Have you ever wondered, how to motivate one to cook and eat vegetables? Probably not just nagging ‘eat veg, eat veg’!
Well, I’ve got an answer for you: buy them a fancy kitchen utensil, in my example it is a julienne peeler or vegetable spiraliser.

The former can look like this:

julienne peelerIt doesn’t need to be expensive – the peeler I bought from Lakeland is only £3.99 or even less that that!

Personally, I find cooking and eating most of veg a bit tricky. Here is why:
1. Some vegetables take a long time to steam (i.e. carrots), but when boiled they lose the vitamin content and quite frankly doesn’t taste much of anything.
2. Eating a salad after work, especially when you had ‘one of those’ days is a pure torture – you want something more satisfying – either similar to comfort food concept, or at least something warm, vibrant or even spicy.
3. Veg were always playing a supporting role for me – never thought of cooking beetroot and then thinking about a good match to go with it. It is rather mackerel which is quite tasty with horseradish cream and roasted beetroot, don’t you think?

Yet, I must say, I am quite hooked on the idea of making thin stripes of veg (be it carrots, beetroot or courgettes, marinating it altogether lightly with some good quality olive oil, red wine vinegar (you can use white one as well) and some lemon juice to soften it a bit. Add your favourite herbs and season (I do not use salt, but if you do it will also soften the veg further). It is fresh, vibrant, full of natural goodness and look pretty!

fish_aubergine_juliennedveg_marinatedHave a look at this colourful side  for your quick fish dish. It adds brightness to the plate, but also some crunchy texture to it, so you can eat veg every day.

So, if you want novelty, or just a random inspiration from the unknown ( little proportions!) just get to the utensils store and browse.

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