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Using exercise to compensate for wine drinking?

I remember telling my friends that yes I drink a lot of wine, but I compensate it by training hard and getting rid of the toxins in the gym. I have had an agreement with myself, which as you can see involves working out and allowing myself to drink wine  – a daily limit for a good training session. Sounds reasonable?

What a shock I got after reading an  article published by Daily Mail, whereThea Jourdan argues that both wine drinking and exercise cause dehydration thus exercise cannot be deemed as a panacea or a great solution to drinking less or staying healthy. I am in an urgent need to reassess my own attitude to this – gym is indeed not a solution to compensate for my wine drinking! What a blow…

Let me just say that in neither scenario I am talking about that type of drinking when you have a hangover later on – it is awful and no exercise will diminish this toxic effect, but what about the recommended dose and exercise?

Mentally it is probably good to simply offload the guilt of drinking and simply work this all out in the gym. Yet it does not mean people should go over the drinking limits – exercise will not get your liver healthier. Women should stick to maximum of 2 small glasses of wine per day, and men – to just less than 3 glasses (of 125 ml each, 12% abv wine).

I agree with the statement that personal trainers should reinforce this message and advise these active gym goers that good nutrition and exercise can help burn those calories derived from alcohol, but it won’t mean they are not harming themselves a lot when exceeding the limits, afterall alcohol is toxic.

Do not forget to have at least a glass of water with that glass of wine!

Enjoy wine in moderation and try to drink organic

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