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How does Virgin Voucher work: pay for wine, wine tasting experiences and gym

I am a big Virgin fan – I like how vibrant and dynamic is this brand, I also like Sire Richard Branson for championing British entrepreneurship and building so many exciting brands and companies.

What is Virgin Voucher?

Virgin Active, Virgin Wines, and Virgin Experience Days are the companies I have a membership in.  Recently I have been introduced to a service called Virgin Voucher and guess what, you can now introduce your friends to Virgin brand without pushing them what it is going to be – sport, wine, experiences or other activities (yes, holidays, travel and media are all included there as well!)

I would recommend that you let your recipient know to start with Virgin Wines. I am biased I know, but if they use this voucher and also sign up for an introductory offer, they can get a case of wine almost free. Free wine! What could be better?

They can of course spend it for something else (Virgin Active maybe?), so it is totally up to them. You can also advise them to check out Virgin Experience Days – they have a selection of wine tasting experiences that they will enjoy.  This voucher will arrive in a rather  pretty package (that is why the delivery cost is £7.99), so you can buy  a very generous and stylish gift.

Where else you can spend your Virgin Voucher?

Before I got this tip I have tried Virgin Experience Days as they also provide their own vouchers, so if it is not wine that you are after, but experiences (be it wine tasting or baking, sport or chocolate making, you name it!), you are always to find something special or even unusual. Virgin Experience Days buy wine tasting experienceCheck them out and buy with confidence – we did it many times now and it is a hit! I should give you a tip – for friends you do not know what to buy or if you want to make a statement and keep the options open, just buy their tiered vouchers – they will include a set of dozen or more experiences they can choose from. I could not miss some of their wine tasting as Wine Tasting is a great experience when organised correctly. If you want to learn more about it before you buy an experience, just check out FREE e-book on how to start with wine tasting when you sign up to become out member here.

Enjoy and buy someone some wine happy using this voucher!

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