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healthy dosage of wine

What is a Healthy Dosage of Wine?

Is there a healthy dose of wine you can drink?

First things first, I love wine. I drink it almost everyday now but in a moderate amount. I love to have a glass for aperitif and a few with my dinner. 

UK Government recommends 14 units of alcohol per week. That is, ladies and gentlemen,  just a medium glass of wine per day. Assuming you have a day off alcohol you can squeeze in a large glass per day. Assuming you choose a lower alcohol wine (at 12-13% abv and not 15-16% abv), you can add a little bit on top, but that’s it.

How justified is this number? Turning to people who are qualified as Doctors and Professors of Chemistry, it seems that this number is wrong. For starters, there is no evidence to support why 1 glass and not 2. Simple as that, why? It is also too restrictive. People who want any sort of such guidance will look into this and think – it is not achievable. 

I know way too many people who, as a couple, share a bottle of good wine for dinner. They have no issues for many years and it aids their cardiovascular function, but also overall well-being and happiness.

Let’s check out a few considerations about your wine dosage, a healthier one.

1. Your tolerance

You like it or not but some races tend to have more difficulties metabolising alcohol.

2. Your weight and height

Consider your liver metabolism.

3. Your wine will make you a pleasant buzz. If you feel your next glass (regardless, how small it is) will be a bit too much, just stop.

Learn your limits and your body will thank you for that.

4. Generally, it is not recommended to drink before going to bed. However a bestselling author Tim Ferris confessed that he occasionally drinks a glass of red very late at night after his writing. Everyone’s different but just be aware.

5. Alcohol units do not add up. It means it is not healthy to abstain for 6 days and then get all your units’ “allowance” on Saturday night binge. It is even more detrimental to your body.

See our essential wine guide on how drink well but less.

6. Have one (for sure) or better two alcohol free days a week. Train your mind, be in control of your body. It is not just your body, it is your mind too – you are in control and that’s how you know you are not an alcoholic. No apologies for this remark. If you feel you are loosing control, you need help.

7. Water

Alcohol de-hydrates you. It doesn’t mean you can compensate and drink more, but it means you need to take additional glasses of water when drinking.

8. Food

Your glasses of wine should not be only social, but also a great companion to your dinners.

9. Sugar in wine

Sugar is named as a public health enemy number 1 now. No wonder why. Added sugars in wine are not only tons and tons of additional calories, but could also be a factor of additional headache in the morning.

10. Sulphites in wine

It has been written and explained quite in depth on I Blame The Wine who important it is to watch out for excessive sulphites. Choose no sulphites added wines for the healthier options for your everyday drinking. Refresh your knowledge of sulphites in our sulphite free wine guide here.

11. Alcoholic strength of your wine

Have you noticed that wines become stronger year by year? Blame global warming or ever-changing consumer preferences but what has been a regular 12% abv wine now could be whole 15%! It again means additional stress for your liver and waistline.

Read our tips and tricks on how not to blame the wine here.

You are invited to have a look at a robust compilation of wine health recommendations in a bookHeadache Free Wine‘, which you can buy on Amazon.

If you feel like brushing up on essential grape varieties and wine tasting technique – check out this affordable e-book ‘Foundation Wine Course‘, which contains 6 easy lessons and tasting technique to develop your wine connoisseur skills.

All this knowledge, mindful wine drinking and noticing how to make this experience healthier will help you to determine your own healthy dosage of wine.


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