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What’s the best thing to do when you feel the summer’s over?

It is not yet September and you feel like it is autumn already. This year is not generous on a prolonged summer days, but as it is still relatively warm, there is no excuse not to go out, have some al-fresco dinners or a simple picnic and enjoy ourselves.

I was thinking of tasting three absolutely different styles of white and rose wines to fight this feeling that it is time to just stay in. Regardless of what kind of refreshing wines you prefer, here are three wines from sustainable New Zealand producer that was already featured on this site.

Woven Stone is a brand that is coming from Ohau, New Zealand, its fresh and almost organic produce is hopefully of help to get you in a summery mood, recalling those amazing times at the beach, ahhhh.

Please have a look at my previous review of ‘Ohau Gravels‘, another brand from Ohau – you will find a point of comparison to these white wines and also find out why they are ‘almost organic’.

WovenStone_Rose2014_OhauWoven Stone Rose 2014 Ohau.

The colour is pale pink, the overall style is very much reminiscent of Loire Valley with its generous forest fruit, strawberries and peaches.

It is a very succulent wine with round and pleasant acidity. It offers a mellow style of rose which I like, so it doesn’t knock you out with acidity, but shows sweet and round fruit character. I could not get any indication of grape varieties here on the label! It is a bit of a disappointment – previous ‘Ohau Gravels‘ wines were very clearly labelled. 27/35

WovenStone_SuvignonBlanc2014_OhauWoven Stone Sauvignon Blanc 2014, Ohau, New Zealand

This wine is fresh, juicy and very light in colour. 

It expresses itself as a very grassy and herbaceous one with some gooseberries, lemon and lime notes. Acidity is slightly sharp-ish, but it is a very playful Sauvignon Blanc we have here. 25/35

WovenStone_PinotGris2014_OhauWoven Stone Pinot Gris 2014, Ohau, New Zealand

This wine is more yellow than Sauvignon Blanc, but also quite pale comparing to Pinot Gris from Ohau Gravels. It is fresh, with hints of apricots, acacia and mellow lemon curd character. Sounds exciting!

It is lighter than the analogue from Ohau Gravels, but offers tender and timid flavour sensations of citrus and tropical fruit and a pleasant acidity without overpowering anything on its way. 27/35

I think these three wines represent distinct styles that will suit almost anyone – rose is fruity and mellow choice for the ones who are normally after red wines, there is no need to advertise Sauvingnon Blanc and this one represents the style very well; and finally Pinot Gris offers a bit more alcohol,flavour concentration, complexity and a fuller mouthfeel for those who like their wines full bodied.

Enjoy one or all of these three sustainable kiwi wines and hopefully some nice Indian summer days are just ahead of us.


Disclaimer: These sustainable wines were provided directly by Sustainable Wines UK, where they are sold online.  IBlameTheWine.com website accepts an opportunity to try new organic wines, but reserves the right to publish the review, or to dismiss it as irrelevant. Please contact for more information.

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