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Why to choose an organic wine

Organic wines, as the name implies, are produced organically and have several benefits over conventional wines. The organic wine may be more expensive than the conventional ones and there may not be any conspicuous health benefits apparently, but you’re definitely making an environmental friendly and a better choice in the long run.

Organic wines are manufactured from organically made grapes and are devoid of harmful fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. On the other hand, these chemicals are sprayed over conventional wines to increase the yield and some of their residues may be present in the final product. By choosing organic wine, we are preserving our soil from the detrimental effects of synthetic chemicals and playing our part in protecting the environment.

Organic wines lack sulphur dioxide or added sulphites, which is a major health benefit for people allergic to sulphites. Sulphites are produced as a result of fermentation naturally and are used to increase the life of a wine. Conventional wines contain a large amount of sulphite and they may cause wheezing or an asthma attack in certain people. Organic wines, on the other hand, is much healthier for allergic people.

Organically grown products have more nutrients than the conventional products, because the soil is properly managed and nourished in the earlier case. Organic products generally taste better than the conventional ones, same is the case with organic wines. Organic wines preserve agricultural diversity by employing crop rotation and different kinds of species into use, while conventional wines are aimed to promote only the best yielding type and are oblivious to the loss of other species.

Pesticides and other chemicals, as mentioned above, are not employed in the production of organic wines, these chemicals are constantly polluting our lands, water bodies and consequently, our environment. These chemicals are decreasing the fertility of soil and drying up the nutrients. It is estimated that only 0.1% of the sprayed pesticide is used to kill the pests, while the rest (99.9%) is just contaminating our environment.

By choosing organic wines, we not only help our environment by going green but also preserving these resources for our future generations.


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  • Dimitri

    April 9, 2015

    Great post on Organic wines and why to choose them.
    I will comment on the fact that organic wines do not mean they are sulphite free – it is only a US requirement, EU is not that strict and it is a matter of the grapes to be organically grown.
    Great point on future generations – this raises another popular topic of sustainability. Are we protecting the environment enough for it to be sustainable for those future generations to come?