The Wine Cake Craze - I Blame The Wine

The Wine Cake Craze

The is nothing in this world more pleasurable than indulging in the things you love and one of those being the Jamaican Christmas Fruit Cake with the secret ingredient being the  J Wray and Nephew Red Label Wine. I have had many meals with wine infused in them but there is just something powerful happening when you smell the aroma of the JW&N Red label wine in that cake and then you take a bite of heaven.

The wine has a strong cinnamon flavor that is very distinctive and smooth. Now while this wine is not on the expensive side and may not be entertained with the elite clientele as a preferred cocktail it can be had on its own, mixed and is a wonder to work it in the kitchen. I would like to think out it as a very versatile wine as it is used in the country of origin, Jamaica mostly for baking and cooking.

Red Label Wine is one of the most popular in the Jamaica fortified/aromatised wine category. Whether you are using it to soak fruits or to sip while chilling with friends, this product sells very well locally and overseas where it is known as Red Label Aperitif.

Appearance: Strong, Red-Brown colour

Bouquet: Smooth, sweet and easily digestible

Palate: Sweet, thick port wine

Finish: This fortified wine has a lingering flavor

Strength: 13.7% alc/vol


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