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Wine Gifts

Fancy buying a gift for your wine loving friend or even yourself?

Here is a selection of tried and tested wine gifts and accessories. They will be a great gift or an addition to your homeware to impress your guests.


Le Creuset wine accessories: waiter’s friend corkscrew. £20.
I have tried many corkscrews and also had received a lot of them as gifts – from miniature ones to expensive pull up machines that take half of your cupboard. This one is compact, very sturdy and is exactly how waiter’s open your bottles in good restaurants. No gimmicks, just top class corkscrew.


ISO wine glasses – perfect for wine tasting. These 215 ml wine glasses are an industry standard. You do not need super expensive ones to become a professional in wine tasting. Just under £13 (get £6 off!).

Riedel is on top of the wine glasses game. This particular set is ultra expensive at £140, but contains 4 white wine glasses, 4 red wine glasses and 4 sparkling wine flutes. If you are hosting an exclusive dinner for 4, this is an ultimate wine accessory set.


Wine Decanters

Wine carafe and oak stopper at just £20 is a steal. Handblown glass and gift boxed, it is a starter decanter that will not break the bank.



Riedel O is an exciting set of four stemless wine glasses (could work well as tumblers too) and a simple yet stylish decanter. Amazon slashed its price from £50 to just under £35, so if you are looking for real deal on German quality wine accessories you cannot go wrong with this set. Hurry up, these are going fast! Riedel O Cabernet/ Merlot, Syrah Decanter


If you want a show stopper, this Riedel decanter will be a magnet at your table. Be sure to receive compliments, will it outshine your food though?! Magnificent piece of art at a very steep £495!


I will recommend this type of shape for your decanter. It can be expensive and Riedel, but be sure to have a large surface for the wine to breathe. This one is priced at £250 and will be a top class wine decanter.


Wine Aerators

If you unsure about decanters now, but still want to achieve similar results (aerating the wine), you can consider buying something like this one. It will do the job just right, and even though will not be such a piece of art, yet a very interesting gadget to showcase. Guess what, this wine aerator is now on sale at just under £9.95 (RRP £29.99), that is what I call a good deal!

Slightly more advanced version of the above and also priced at just under £30 it is a bargain (reduced from just under £79). It is not just a quality wine aerator, but a good and unusual gift to be used in any home.



Vacu Vin

 Opening a few bottles of wine and serving them with different dishes means that you will end up with some of them still half full. To preserve the flavours (up to 5 days for whites and 7-10 days for reds), you can use this Vacu Vin set. Just put the stoppers and pump the air out. It will produce a sound when the air is out. Easy. Available at Amazon for just under £13.

Coravin wine preserving system

Coravin 1000 Wine System
This is an ultimate gift, it is like buying diamonds! This is a device that reinvents how you open and serve your wines. Basically, you can ditch corkscrew and vacu vin systems altogether! This device uses a small hollow needle to cut through cork to extract the wine. The bottle is then pressurised with argon, an inert gas that’s in the air we breathe. Once the bottle has been pressurised, the wine flows through the needle and pours into your glass. Once your wine is poured, the needle is removed, and the cork reseals itself. Coravin is almost like magic. The price for this invention is quite high – £255. Yet it was originally at £450, so as it is not as new as it was a year ago you are able to buy it with up to £200 reduction in price!

Cases of wine and wine racks

Sunday Times Discovery mixed cases

Sunday Times Wine Club offers three exciting cases of wine: red, white and mixed; each priced at £75, which makes it £6.25 per bottle. It is a great value for one of these discovery cases as you can fill in somebody’s wine rack and make them feel happy! Red selection contains lighter wines from Romania (their Pinot Noir is a very good one!), bolder ones from Spain, but also Italy and Portugal. The white case consists of bottles from France, Italy, Spain, and Hungary. It is indeed why these cases are called ‘discovery’ ones – they offer a wide range of countries and varieties to try, including some bottles you will not normally pick up in a supermarket!


This wood and metal 36 bottle wine rack is a sturdy, classy and affordable gift  – at £45 you can get it in Majestic Wine. They have some other dimensions in stock, so if you require a bigger one, they have them too!

Wine rack organises your wine, you can store the best bottles without worrying that the cork becomes dry and the wine oxidises and will taste stale and lacking fruit flavours. It is a must have in every wine lover home.

Laithwaite's voucher

If you are still not sure, such a hard work, aren’t you? Well, you can always opt-in for a wine voucher. Sounds quite right for the ones who have it all!

This voucher from Laithwaite’s Wine can be exchanged for wine cases, gifts, accessories and oversized magnum bottles. Do they have a magnum bottle of their favourite Rioja?

Could you be tempted to buy a wine club subscription for you or a friend of yours? PerfectCellar has offered a massive £50 discount on your first (your friend’s first) wine subscription case.


I hope this selection of wine gifts inspired you to check them out. Happy shopping!