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Wine and health: a better lifestyle?

Benefits of wine

Wine has a long history of being used as a medicine. The practitioners of Rome and Greece used it as an antiseptic and a digestive aid. Hippocrates, who was a renowned Greek physician, used wine benefits in the treatment of lethargy and diarrhea. In this article, we’ll see whether a wine is really beneficial to health or not. Does a glass of wine a day keep the doctor away?

Red wine health benefits

Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in red wine, is thought to detoxify the age deteriorating radicals in our body and helps us to live longer. The latest anti aging miracle is none other than a glass of red and there’s a lot of research available on this topic. The antioxidants are present in abundant amount in red wine instead of grape juice and we can fight against age related problems by drinking a glass or two of red wine on daily basis.
Food poisoning, as we all know, is an extremely dangerous disease and can lead to severe dehydration if not treated properly. By supplementing our meal with a glass of white or red wine, we can eliminate all the disease causing bacteria in the food and prevent ourselves from getting ill.

More benefits of red wine

Wine can improve our brain function, a report by French researchers’ show that older women over the age of 50, who consumed wine in their lives, were 2.5 times more efficient than the women who didn’t. Also, the same compound, resveratrol, has been sought to have some function in nerve regeneration in our nervous system. Consequently, wine saves us from dementia or memory loss and other neuro degenerative maladies.

Blood: some more red wine benefits

Our blood circulation is improved by drinking wine. People consuming up to 30 units of wine a week are at lesser risk of getting heart attack because wine aids in dilating their blood vessels and hence saves them from different coronary problems. Wine also raises our good cholesterol, which is highly beneficial for our health.

Our immune system is the basic defense mechanism against any infection. Different alcohol products tend to suppress it and render our body defenseless against numerous infections. Wine, on the other hand, doesn’t lower or depress our immune system and aids in fighting against harmful antigens.

Wine has been linked to improve our eyesight. It does so by preventing degeneration of retina in eye and saving us from blindness. Wine has also been thought to be useful in cancer and researches are being carried out to establish this fact.
Owing to the health benefits listed above, wine should be considered an essential element of our balanced diet. In fact, practitioners are recommending their patients to increase the consumption of wine. Wine can make us more lively and energetic as well as prevent us from several diseases.

Moderation is key to getting health benefits with wine

Of course, all of these benefits are attainable through moderate drinking and excess of alcohol can cause highly deleterious effects. Wine and health is always a hot topic amongst practitioners and scientists alike; it is important that everyone understands the effects of wine on our health and lifestyle.

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  • Dimitri

    April 11, 2015

    Great summary of positive influence of wine on our health, lifestyle and happiness. I also prefer to concentrate on mainly positive factors, but not to make it one-sided either: all consumers need to know the limits, units, recommended consumption guidelines and be aware of generic facts, which would make it a conscious decision rather than acting on a whim.
    Thanks for post and hope to see more good ones from you!