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healthy dosage of wine

What is a Healthy Dosage of Wine?

Is there a healthy dose of wine you can drink? First things first, I love wine. I drink it almost everyday now but in a moderate amount. I love to have a glass for aperitif and a few with my dinner.  UK Government recommends 14 units of alcohol per week. That is, ladies and gentlemen, …

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Valentine’s Day Special: How Many Calories in a Glass of Prosecco?

For this year’s Valentine’s Day we are ready to offload a bit of useful info about which Proseccos to buy and which are better off to be left on the shelves.  We are not going to be promoting a specific wine retailer this time, we will leave it up to you to find out the…

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Wine Trends: Lower Alcohol Wines are in Demand

Are your following the trend of lower alcohol wines? In the recent years there were more and more reports how sky high alcohol levels are rising. Blame global warming or our sugar laden palates, but it is not difficult to see that a usual 12-13% abv wine is not around 14-14.5% in ordinary retail.  So…

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Is January a non-wine month?

For many wine drinkers January is a month when they stop and get healthier. Well, whom are we kidding, right? Not in that manner though, for many of the wine drinkers that our site attracts, wine is not a problem. It is not a get-drunk-quickly thing, it is a very pleasurable, social activity. We are…

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Most Amazing Festive Wine Offers and Wine Deals

Provided I have stocked up well for Christmas, I am not going to show my face, or any part of my body anywhere to check out sales rather than online. On the 26th December, or maybe couple of days later, but definitely before New Years Eve, I am going to re-stock my wine rack. I…

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great food boxes in UK and USA

Delicious Food Boxes (UK & USA)

This January I Blame The Wine goes beyond our regular wine reviews, occasional food matching and health tips. Recognising food as our main nutritional concern, we cannot stay away from the topics of provenance and quality of our ingredients. Why food boxes? What we’ve done is searched high and low for amazing organic or natural,…

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festive wine tips

10 Tips and Tricks How Not to Blame The Wine This Christmas

Are you getting ready to over indulge with wine this Christmas? With alcohol and wine in particular there is always that creeping feeling of ‘how would I fell tomorrow morning?’ Yet it has never stopped anyone from enjoying themselves and the company. It is a time to be merry after all. It is also very…

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Vegan pizza recipe plus vegan wine tips

All these take away pizzas are so for meat lovers only. Veggie versions are not inspiring and in addition to that they are made out of quite a bad quality dough, cheese and oil. Whilst there are some pizza chains that use a proper sourdough for their pizza bases, I just needed something that will…

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Show true love to animals with these vegan burger recipes

I love my dog, he is cute and very friendly. He has been adopted from Battersea and it took quite a time for him to adjust, but he is very loyal now. I just thought it could not be any better to show my love for my dog but to cook something completely meet free:…

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4 quick steps to assemble and cook a wonderfully creamy vegan lasagna

We’ve promised to continue on our vegan lifestyle exploration. We would like to share our absolutely stunning recipe for vegan lasagna (vegetarian lasagna too). This vegan recipe has been tested and it really delicious! This vegan recipe is formed of 4 different preparations. Don’t worry, everything is very simple, but you will need to assemble…

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Wine and not vegan friendly? What’s the trick?

Vegan diet is on the rise. It is not surprising: it is ethical, healthy (as it is plant based) and takes into account our environment. Though our visitors sometimes wonder why is wine not vegan… True fact, wine is made of grapes and mostly nothing else. Yet the issue is with its production process. Many…

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2.5 million Britons suffer from sulphites in wine

Why people are allergic to wine? Alexandra Richmond, senior health and beauty analyst at Mintel, said: ”An estimated 21 million adults in the UK suffer from at least one allergy, with 10 million suffering from more than one. We are responding to Organic Wine Club‘s request to support the cause as there is a massive 4…

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Interview with organic wine shop co-founders

They say that entrepreneur’s dream starts from a dissatisfaction. Whilst it is hard to generalise, but it was true in case of Organic Wine Club. Its two co-founders agreed that a few years back there wasn’t a place which offers: carefully and vigorously tried and tested organic wines; wines that address specific lifestyles (vegan, allergy…

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We’ve launched our exclusive case of organic wine!

It is of our extreme pleasure to announce our first exclusive case of 6 organic wines that we sell ourselves. After being a blog, then a community site and now entering wine retail, it is a most organic progression for our business as well. Many thanks in advance to everyone who will support our new…

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Getting ready for festivities: great wine deals and gift ideas.

How do you celebrate? What’s you plan this year? Are you going all-in or carefully checking where to buy the best value cases? Why not to simply combine both goals and get the best possible wine without breaking the bank. We’ve searched the web for the great deals on wine, selected a few interesting options…

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