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Veggie diet

A few words about a veggie diet

I must admit this was never a thought of mine, but one day I was dating a veggie and, knowing that I do like cooking, decided to try a veggie diet. Surprisingly, it was a massive success, because instead of my initial plan to try it for a few weeks, it lasted for a whopping 6 weeks.

Now I know my meat preferences even better, because on my first meat day I had a lovely starter of jamon serrano and then followed by a steak!

Coming back to a veggie diet, I must add that the key was definitely a variety for me. Flavours are fresh and vibrant, yet it is sometimes difficult to construct a sauce without a slice of bacon, or creating complexity without adding protein.

Talking about protein, it is not true that you do not get variety – you definitely have peas, beans, lentils and haloumi. Yet you will miss some textures and smell of a rare steak or some freshly cut piece of Spanish ham.

All veggies are actually quite overdoing it with spices (in order to make it more vibrant and actually exciting), yet I found that a simple mix of up to 3-4 different herbs or spices works best to accentuate the flavours. In example, to make some Spanish style dishes you can use some good quality paprika and a small dash of ground cumin.

My favourite examples of the veggie dishes, which I continue cooking even now include:

Spicy aubergine and hummus burgers (with harissa onion relish), my own adaptation of a mushroom stroganoff with Ukrainian buckwheat side, and surely a simple grilled haloumi, avocado and tomato salad.

It is harder with the wine matches as you need to be on a more delicate side as well, but also mind the strength – more alcoholic wines and some simple grilled vegetables can mean trouble (know your limits please!). My favourites for that period were Vouvray wines – they are very diverse, so you can pick an off-dry white wine and match it with the spicy veggie dishes, but also a dry one to match with the salad. Some chilled red Burgundy or Rioja Joven were great with cheesy dishes – think haloumi or goats cheese tartlets.  It was interesting to experiment.

It is interesting to try and even if you won’t be convinced it will get your creative juices flowing! Enjoy!

P.S. For more inspiration for your veggie experiments, see Simplicity Lists website, they offer easy to copy paste lists of veggie foods you can shop, but also Kind Healthy Lifestyle for the recipes, why you need to go plant-based and vegan, but also helpful tips how to get started and try going plant-based!

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