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A promise to myself

When asked about the actions how to drink less wine (I think back in 2007-2008), I have come up with an alternative solution: to establish a promise that I need to keep for myself.
Basically, the idea is to allow yourself to drink with your dinners (of course when there is a suitable match for what you are eating!), but compensate this indulgence with a proper gym session.
It works very well because you can definitely go and work out 5 days a week, be it cardio, weights, tennis, swimming or yoga (that is what I do), burn these wine calories, get the toxins out and thus maintain a healthy wine lifestyle without a major problem at all.
The main thing is not to cheat (I even take my sport gear abroad when I go on business trips or holidays – as up to an hour of morning exercise will give you a permission to get some drinks in the evening)!

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