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New drinking guidelines in the UK: men’s limits are reduced

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    So, ladies and gents, a new update which already sparked quite a few conversations and that we cannot miss out on.

    Men’s weekly alcohol limits were reduced from 21 units to just 14 units of alcohol per week, making it equal to women’s guidelines. The Guardian reported on it straight away with quite a detailed overview and some additional statements from academics.

    Just to remind you that 14 units equals approx. 9 – 10 small glasses of wine (125 ml) or 7 pints of beer. We have reported about units of alcohol and some additional guidelines earlier and they are in urgent need of updating with the new figure for men.

    The main question now is what you think of the news. Does it make sense to get the guidelines down and should it be down to women’s levels?

    The guidelines also now suggest 2 alcohol-free days a week – what’s your status with regards to that? Is alcohol-free Monday going to be followed by alcohol-free Tuesday?

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