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Discover Organic: Gratavinum, DOQ Priorat, Spain

Vineyards and wineries are full of stories. Some of them are romantic, some of them full of hostory, but in some cases, like Gratavinum, they are wonderfully organic.
The Cusine family farmed the vineyards in Penedes, just outside of Barcelona, for years. They have decided that if their new vineyards in Priorat are a new purchase, they need to be organic from the very beginning.

Apart from it, they also do not irrigate the vineyards with any extra water rather than what comes from the skies. It is a very risky strategy, but even despite of their biodynamic certification aspirations, it i designed to make sure that the vines are working ahrd to get those nutrients, without any reliance on the additional supplements; it gives that extra layer of richness and depth to the wine.

The vines are not just close to Clos Mogador, a renowned Alvaro Palacios’ winery, but they are just left on their own devices – basically designed to respect the vine’s natural growth, power and ability to deliver amazing flavours.

Gratavinum organic Priorat winesThe production is very limited with around 25000 litres of wine to be produced, please contact them via their website to make reservations to view the facilities and the area. If you are an olive oil fan too, you can join them for the oil-making facilities tour (during picking and pressing season), so it could be a win – win if you are planning to visit them as a couple.

They produce 5 organic wines, which are in the high to premium price segment. I am looking forward to trying them!

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