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Don't Blame The Wine is a wine community for all wine lovers who want to discover the best wine deals, compare wine clubs and get the best value for money whilst drinking amazing organic wines!

We also offer to explore wine and health issues, be it calories in wine, alcohol units and guidelines and a lot more on how to make wine lifestyle as healthy as possible. Organic wines are also a big focus for us because we feel that you simply do not take any unwanted pesticides or herbicides whilst drinking organic wines. Cheers to that!

Finally, we hope that you will find some really interesting connections on our Forum, where you can discuss what matters to you. We hope that you will find our wine community helpful, useful and entertaining. Please join us and use our exclusive member-only guides, reviews, e-books and tools. Warm welcome!

Hi! Let me introduce myself – I am Dimitri and I serve as an Editor for I’m a digital marketing pro at heart, but my other passions are with wine and food, entrepreneurship, mindfulness and healthy lifestyle. Did I mention wine?

I am certified by Wine and Spirits Education Trust. As I’m originally from Ukraine, and English is my second language, please apologise for some potential faults in my writing. Though please let me know if you find some screaming errors!

You can read more about my personal journey through happy and healthy lifestyle at the end of the Checklist that you can download for free in the bottom of this page – it is offered for free and no obligations to sign up for anything.

I hope you enjoy reading as my wine community offers a lot of info on wine and health, wine clubs, wine deals and more. I also hope that you will find some like-minded people with whom you can interact on our Forums and potentially even meet up in real life for a glass of gorgeous organic vino! Cheers


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Discuss what is important to you: wine and health, wine promotions, the best wine deals, the best wine clubs in the UK

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At we want you to have up-to-date information on where to buy wines to get the most value and quality, try different organic wines and join the best wine clubs.
That’s why we’ve created this e-guide about all possible ways how to shop for wine. You can compare wine retailers, their promotions and offers, but also wine clubs and their introductory offers. Have a look at a short glossary on organic and biodynamic wines. Have fun!

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Finally, we at want to help you to kickstart your journey to healthy and happy lifestyle.
That’s why we’ve created a very straightforward tool to help you focus your efforts on things that matter to you. Is it going to be your physical health or emotional? Do you need to focus more on setting up your own business or earn some side income?
Download our Checklist and use it! No need to sign up for anything, but we will be happy to see you joining our wine community and sharing your valuable thoughts on wine and health, organic wines and more on our Forums!



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