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Ohau gravels Pinot Gris 2014 sustainable

Ohau Gravels – an exciting duo of sustainable wines

New Zealand sustainable winegrowingIt is sometimes not very clear whether a particular wine is organic, biodynamic or made at the sustainable winery. Some companies, especially on a smaller scale, simply do not bother themselves with the certificates (I have met people from Sao del Coster in Priorat who said they simply do not like the paperwork), do not see the reason to pay extra (you are usually required to pay a small fee per each bottle that bear organic or biodynamic logo from a recognised institution. Yet in this case of Ohau Wines, a sustainable wine growing and winemaking business located in New Zealand, it is done simply because they grow their grapes in rather damp conditions, so they allow themselves to use some non-organic sprays not to lose the entire crop (fair enough, right?); yet even if this procedure is performed everything is done in moderation to follow sustainable principles of the business.

Before I go further to taste the wines, I must add that New Zealand is indeed in the forefront of sustainable winegrowing, with an overwhelming majority of vineyards following this suit. (Jamie Goode had some interesting examples and interviews with New Zealand winemakers to dig deeper into the sustainability and their motivation to run their businesses with a view on being good to the nature now, but also for the future generations as well. You can get more insights on this by buying his book called  Authentic Wine: Toward Natural and Sustainable Winemaking).

Let’s taste these sustainable wines now.

Ohau gravels Sauvignon Blanc 2014 New Zealand sustainable wineOhau Gravels Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Aromas are a bit restrained with hints of lemon and apple. Tasting it, it opens up generously with some nice apple, gooseberry and lemon flavours.

The wine is  refreshing with a high acidity yet also showing abundant fruit, so you get a balanced mouthfeel.

It is your very typical Sauvignon Blanc – fresh, fruity, and bold.

There are some additional layers of complexity to it, so if you like typicity in your Kiwi Sauvignons, it is definitely recommended. For your reference to compare with the other wines reviewed here, it would be rated as 27/35 if it would be organic.

Ohau gravels Pinot Gris 2014 sustainableOhau Gravels Pinot Gris 2014

First thing I had in mind when assessing this wine is that it had Riesling-alike perfume and body, but more oily texture and not many bubbles in sight.

Flavours of apple, apricot, some floral (acacia and honeysuckle) and a bit honey are refreshing, but also of some sweetness. The wine has a pleasant minerality to it with some hints of pear and peach flavours emerging as well.

It is a very exciting wine with a body, exciting fruit character on offer with a honeyed pineapple flavour, beat that! 28/35

Ohau Gravels informative wine label sustainable winesLastly, I cannot help but to comment on the very informative wine labelling.

Any consumer will appreciate a factual way of presenting these wines with a clear indication of a region, grape, winemaker and a geographical location of the vineyards together with the website of the winery for everyone to have a further point of reference; sustainable winegrowing logo is positioned firmly in the centre as to underline this factor for every consumer as a soul of the business thinking. It is done tastefully without any patronising messages of recommended pairings, which I typically find a step too far when communicating a point to you and me.

I hope you can be as lucky as me to try these wines and fingers crossed for a good and warm summer to enjoy a refreshing and exciting drink.


Disclaimer: These sustainable wines were provided directly by Sustainable Wines UK, where they are sold online.  IBlameTheWine.com website accepts an opportunity to try new organic wines, but reserves the right to publish the review, or to dismiss it as irrelevant. Please contact for more information.

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