Pure Cabernet Franc 2012 Organic, Domaine Brau: organic wine review
Pure Cabernet Franc 2012

Pure Cabernet Franc 2012 Organic, Domaine Brau

Another good organic wine find this month was Pure Cabernet Franc, made by  Domaine Brau in Pays d’Oc, France. It is slightly aged wine of 2012 vintage and made exclusively from organic Cabernet Franc grapes.

Pure Cabernet Franc 2012 back organic wineI must add a word about he grape and the region – first of all, there aren’t many examples of 100% Cabernet Franc in the Old World wines, it plays a minor part in the Bordeaux blends (usually a very low down to 5% share), mostly because many winemakers find it to coarse, stalky, and more mineral and earthy rather than fruity. Let’s see about this one.

Another point to make is on the region. It doesn’t have the best reputation because of the massive bulk production (think of those £4-5 bottles from France and I will bet more than half of them would be from that region). Yet the competition is tough and they are trying to innovate and produce good examples of wines made from grapes, which aren’t too typical for the region.

Organic wine in the EU means basically that the it was made from organic grapes, but sulphites were allowed in the winemaking process (as opposed to the US legislation where winemakers aren’t allowed to add sulphites during the winemaking process and only naturally occurring ones permitted).
The wine has a rich mix of black fruit and black cherry aromas, opening up to herbal and minty notes. I find it very pleasant – I love a taste of stalks and pure fruit. It has wood and forest herbs as pronounced notes just right after first mouthfeel. It is also quite warming, but just 12.5%, which is truly amazing!
It’s maybe thinner than you expect, but wonderful aromas and flavours of cassis, cherries and black fruit make up for a somewhat weak body of it. It’s rather enigmatic and complex – very good job, I say.
I give this wine 27 out of 35 of my Organic wine grading system.
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