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Show true love to animals with these vegan burger recipes

I love my dog, he is cute and very friendly. He has been adopted from Battersea and it took quite a time for him to adjust, but he is very loyal now. I just thought it could not be any better to show my love for my dog but to cook something completely meet free: a vegan burger selection!

After all veggie meals, vegan dishes, vegetarian cooking, well you name it, is how we say not to a kill. It doesn’t mean I cannot make it as a delicious feast of 3 different veggie burgers!

Vegan burger recipes

I am going to cook three different veggie burgers:
1 – a spicy one (harissa aubergine burger)
2 – a fragrant one (chermoula aubergine one)
3 – a creamy one (caramelised onion, grilled mushroom and salted cashew sauce)

To make it really fun you can cook these bits and pieces and then let your guests to assemble it to everyone’s taste.

We will use the following ingredients:

  • fried aubergine slices
  • caramelised onions
  • sautéed sweet romano peppers
  • grilled portobello mushrooms
  • sliced tomatoes
  • houmous

We will use these condiments:

  • harissa (we won’t do it from scratch it it requires blending quite a few fragrant ingredients with chilli, tomatoes and peppers)
  • chermoula (again, for simplicity, we bought an organic chermoula, which is a blend of coriander, preserved lemons and vegetable oil wth spices)

Top tip! For cheesier burgers, only vegan of course, put a teaspoon of our Salted Cashew Sauce that we’ve used for vegan lasagna.

Buy some buns (both gluten are but you can go with anything):

  • brioche style bun
  • brown gluten free one

Cooking method for these vegan burgers:

  1. Fry aubergine slices
  2. Cut onions and peppers into rings and fry them; caramelise by adding 1/2 tsp coconut sugar (not refined) and some water – it will give them that sweetish tang (do not worry, we are here to create a contrast between fragrant and sweet, spicy and sweet) .
  3. Grill slices of portobello mushrooms
  4. Slice tomatoes
  5. As everything is pretty much ready, you can warm up your buns (halved)
  6. Assemble by smearing a teaspoon of houmous on each bun, putting as much of ingredients as you want and making one burger spicy with harissa, second very fragrant with chermoula and third rich and cheesy with our prepped salted cashew sauce. Enjoy!

Can this vegan burger prep be any easier?!
Let us know how you get on and good luck with trying some amazing vegan wines – they match so well with the spicy and fragrant vegan burgers!

Why going vegan is beneficial? See a short list of reasons on our partner website Simplicity Lists: why to adopt a vegan lifestyle?

For more plant-based recipes and even more useful information on vegan lifestyle and how to challenge yourself and your friends to go vegan, refer to Kind Healthy Lifestyle.

In the meantime, I will enjoy a glass of an unfiltered vegan wine that is just so ethical for you and me. Vegan wine goes so well with a variety of vegan recipes. Just so we start with something super delicious and also popular, I recommend checking this vegan wine collection to choose delicious organic wines that are vegan friendly. Cheers!

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