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Toscar Tempranillo No Sulphites added organic

Toscar 2014, Organic NSA, Tempranillo

Toscar 2014 is a no sulphites added and also organic Tempranillo.
It states that it has been produced at Hillside vineyard, located in ‘la tierra de castilla’. Alcohol is 13.5% abv.

First impression is not very good. I started to think that this is the case why many producers still stick to adding sulphites, as they provide a safety blanket and they are not forced to release a … how do I put it?… wines that are acceptable, but just barely. Sad times.

So what’s up with this wine. It is young and you definitely taste this coarseness. There is something else to it – no roundness or elegance. Fruit is also quite restrained, but not in a good way- the wine simply lacks it.
It is a winemaking issue and possibly a result of their decision not to use sulphur dioxide.

Toscar Tempranillo No Sulphites added organicI will let some friends to taste it just to be sure, but probably will just use it for cooking only.

The wine was sourced at ‘Vintage Roots’, but you can also order it at Planet Organic.

My organic rating is 20/35 (pretty poor wine).

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