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Welcome to Wine & Lifestyle

Hello you, this is Wine & Lifestyle!

Not to bore you with a lengthy intro, this section is to focus on a happy and healthy lifestyle, incorporating some new and fun wines, going for a few daring food matches and a couple of healthy tips along the way.

Do you agree that there is an abundance of encyclopaedia-style wine sites telling you about almost all possible wines in the world? Others are focusing on providing professional and  lengthy reviews of yet another fabulous wine. What is a chance that you will use them?

Instead of being too serious about some brilliant wines in the world, I want to make this topic closer to you by reviewing new wines on the shelves of the supermarkets now.  Food will be featured with an angle of novelty yet the main focus would be healthy options and daring matches with wine. I have called this category ‘What if it works?’

There is a substantial evidence that a moderate consumption of red wine can contribute to a large variety of health benefits, so well-being is of my interest as well.

To finish off with the purposeful writing, I would like to focus on more pleasurable activities like wine travel and entertainment (or hometainment if you like).

I hope the content will make you happier, healthier, more knowledgeable about wine lifestyle and hence enjoying it more. If you smile more, I would be happy too!


About The Author


Dimitri is passionate about wines, food to go with it, happy & healthy lifestyle, digital marketing, start-ups and entrepreneurship. www.IBlameTheWine.com is about new organic wines in the UK, what to buy or avoid on the retailer shelves; tips on healthy and happy wine lifestyle, but also provides reviews and rankings for organic wines. Get in touch please, I am always on a lookout for new ideas and connections! Cheers.

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