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Where do you buy your wine?

I won’t be so far from the truth to predict around 80% to say that in supermarket. Some will also say that they prefer big specialised chains (similar to Majestic wine warehouses) and only a small fraction of enthusiasts will mention small independent wine merchants or retailers.

Well, I do shop at supermarkets too. It is just easy, be it just on the way from work, or stocking up when doing your online weekly shop. They also offer some amazing discounts and even more value on mixed cases. Whats is not to love?

Big chains also employ highly qualified sommeliers to taste and select wines for you, so in general it should be all rainbows and unicorns, is it though?

Some big brands can offer amazing discounts (as opposed to some smaller companies who cannot afford to cover their mistakes with money), possibly because of some vintage faults, underripe or overripe grapes, production or storage errors, etc. Would you like to buy a bottle to enjoy at your leisure and then just pour it down the drain?

Also, you most probably heard the quote similar to ‘life is too short to drink boring wine’ and thought of experimenting? So did I! Yet there are so many ‘new’ wines, which are masked by the attractive price, that do not worth your money or, dare I say, your liver capacity!

I will not manage to cover all new wines myself, so please send your own new wine reviews and they will be added to the site for other readers to have more good options which wine to buy and / or taste or on contrary some bad examples to avoid.



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