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Wine lifestyle? Is it even a thing?

We all do lifestyle choices everyday.

Do we decide to consume only organic (food and wine)? Does this organic wine taste any good? Do we need to avoid some nasty stuff in supermarkets (why to overload the liver with it)?

Can we tweak our lunches or dinners to be healthier and maybe even better matched with the wine? What if that would actually work as a super-delicious meal?

So what about well-being? Buddhism actually promotes so-called ‘no intoxication’ principle, thus a combination of wine and mindfulness probably will not work, yet again, if you consume in moderation, it should aid to your relaxation and somewhat relate to being calmer and more relaxed. Well-being is a more generic term that can encompass mediation, fitness and any of the activities that aid to your mental and physical health.

Travel is not just to add another juicy category here- if you think about it, it is clear that wine and food are dependent on a country’s climate and location, hence constitute a local cuisine. The choice of ingredients, cooking and winemaking practices are all determined by the unique location and by going to explore Spain, you are not only to observe landscapes, but also to immerse yourself with their culture, local food and wine. Wine plays an equal part to making it all a pleasurable and healthy experience, in some regions it is more acidic to cut through large amounts of fat in the food, whereas some regions enjoy wines that are rich and full of spices and herbs to match grilled meats and roasted game.  I can continue for a long time with these examples.

And finally, I would also like to mention entertainment at home. We increasingly buy wine to entertain at home, and even though this is not about getting any drunk poker game ideas into your head, but just to explore what is out there for you to entertain your guests and yourself with a glass of wine and something that may be beyond the X-Factor.

Please take a minute or two to share your thoughts about wine lifestyle, get in touch and of course share it with your friends.


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