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Maris Minervois organic biodynamic

Best organic buy of the month – September 2015

I decided to start ‘Best organic buy‘ regular reviews with the wine that I bought a year ago, wrote a review, but never actually published. Six months later same thing happened when I tasted the wine, liked it and quickly noted it in my Notes app. After looking at my ‘resources’ this month, I’ve realised that I have two reviews of the same wine. Oh, dear!
It is clearly a sign that it is a good wine, but also a great buy as well. You can imagine that I won’t buy the same wine if it isn’t good!

Maris 2012 organic Syrah from MinervoisI am talking about Maris 2012 from the region of Minervois, which is located in the South of France. I bought it in Waitrose (found in-store in Fine Wine section) or online in Waitrose Cellar or Ocado at £10.99 price mark.

The wine offers a very pleasant array of aromas with dark fruit and loads of herbs – thyme, rosemary and sweeter vanilla and just a bit of liquorice. Flavours are even more pronounced with blackberries, dark cherries and ripe forest fruit with beautiful herbal bouquet of thyme, rosemary, liquorice and bay leaf. Some dark chocolate as an aftertaste completes a story of this complex but very approachable wine.

Minervois establishes itself as a powerhouse in the South of France, but this particular producer is following all bio-dynamic and organic principles making this wine a unique find. Yet it is easily buyable at Waitrose and Ocado. Hurry up, thousands of people are reading this review this month and are eager to try! 🙂
Jokes aside, it is an exceptional wine that you can buy without breaking the bank and enjoy. It kicks off with quite high 14.5% above, but you need it with some fatty stews (think of cooking with a proper bouquet garni to complement the spice and herbal nature of the wine).

Organic and biodynamic certificates of Maris 2012When I write about this wine I realise it could not be a better choice not just because of the old Syrah vines that give that amazing organic fruit, but also winemaker’s dedication to sustainability and how they even depict it on the label with the ‘Protect your soil’ slogan. Worth an applause!

28/35 rating making worth inclusion in The Best Organic Wines top list.
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