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Wine books: learn more about wines

When you are learning about something you love (or simply very interested) , does it count as entertainment? I am not so sure, but it is clearly not a chore, or a thing to blame! A few good years I was buying wine books, some of them were consumed fully and rather quickly, and some…

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Wine Game: to the last drop

Wine games review

I have been searching the entire web to find interesting and engaging wine games. It could be a wine tasting experience, a murder mystery party, a trivia or quiz and some fun drinking games adaptation. It has been pretty difficult, as the category seems to be non-existent. The range is limited to some popular games…

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Priorat tasting masterclass

Have you discovered the elegance of Priorat?

Attending wine events and masterclasses is a true entertainment for a wine enthusiast, don’t you think? It has been my first Decanter masterclass, mainly because I always thought it could be slightly on the snobby side. Well, the Landmark Hotel in London only proves that point, yet the rest was quite casual and warm. I…

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Mercado: about the markets and wines

For all Londoners Borough market will be a place where artisan producers of the highest quality could be found and their produce tasted. Yet however having visited Barcelona (Mercado Santa Caterina) and Madrid (Mercado San Miguel) it is clear that we are missing on some points which make the whole experience work just that tiny…

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