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Domain de Rancy 2011 Le Mourvedre Cotes Catalanes

Domaine de Rancy, Organic Mourvedre 2011, Cotes Catalanes

Arguably this is a long name, yet the label was very stylishly done, so it reads just Rancy, Mourvèdre at first and then on the back you get the full one: Domaine de Rancy, Organic Mourvedre 2011 from Cotes Catalanes It is where France meets Spain, yet it is already quite Spanish in its name – Catalunya is very close.

Domain de Rancy 2011 Le Mourvedre Cotes CatalanesI continue with these couple of geeky wine facts.

1 – This estate was founded in 1920 and mostly did fortified wines, hot climates just scream to dry the grapes, concentrate the sugars and produce something sweet and very alcoholic.

2  – Rancio means that the grapes, or better say that substance (called must) that is left, undergo some further evaporation in the barrel, which allows wines to concentrate acidity and sugars. 

3 – Idea to produce light reds was more or less spontaneous, as after one year this estate sold most of the grapes to co-op for being then turned into a fortified wine; and decided to experiment with the rest and produce something different on their own.

Domaine de Rancy Le Mourvedre 2011 Cotes Catalanes backI think this initiative was definitely a success!

Verdarguer family then appointed their daughter Delphine, who basically revived table wines from Grenache and Mourvèdre (two the most planted varieties in the region) to produce glorious wines with concentrated bramble flavours, but still not overly sweet. The wine is rich yet still very juicy (you can say even a  bit watery), which is not bad as it makes it more approachable and easy to drink.

Lovely concentrated aromas and flavours, delicious!

Sourced at The Wine Society at just above £10 mark.

28/35 rating using my Organic Wines rating system; one of the best ones listed here

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