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Gnano Toscana 2011 organic

Gnano Maremma Toscana 2011 was definitely a big surprise for me.

For starters, I am not a big fan of majority of Italian wines – I find them overly acidic and sharp (comparing to south of France or Spain), but also a bit one dimensional with their cherry-violets combination so typical for your Sangiovese based reds. Yet following my exploration of organic wines, I could not miss a bottle of Italian organic wine for you to get to know about it.

This bottle of red was sourced at Vintage Roots for the price of £18.75, so it is a premium-priced one (hopefully, not to disappoint!).

So why did I mention a surprise?

I would never think of it as Italian wine. Why? It attacked me with it perfumed nature, mineral qualities and generous, but restrained red fruit with some notes of black fruit. Aromas are fresh, full of cherries and damson. Acidity is definitely there, but it varies happily with the fruit creating a round yet fresh mouth-feel. There is also some sweet spice, gorgeous and round oakness to it with vanilla and leather notes that are  simultaneously playing around – I love it.

Gnano 2011 organic Carignan Tuscany ItalyThe roundness of it is so velvety, nothing is too sharp or out of place – I needed to know more about this wine (they do not publish much on the label as you can see). That’s where the surprise was – it is not made from Sangiovese, but from organic Carignan. Apparently for some legal reasons they could not publish it on the label (in my opinion, they could have done it on the back, but also no mention of it!). This restrained fruit and minerality gives away that it is not Garnacha or Cabernet Sauvignon either.


This Gnano wine from organic Carignan is made by a renowned Italian producer – Maremma and it shines in a glass.

Oh Italian wines, if you could be like this one I will be so happy as I love good surprises!



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