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Loidana 2012, Organic Priorat

Loidana 2012 Priorat SpainLoidana Priorat 2012 is produced by Marco Abella and even though it does not bear the organic sign on the bottle it can be considered as uncertified organic.

Many producers are adopting organic viticulture, but do not bother going through tons of paperwork or spend additional money to get the certification. After speaking with a few very small producers I understand why – you do not want to spend extra cash you may have on the sigh, but rather invest in your organic procedures as they are in most ways require more money than conventional viticulture and winemaking.

Back to the wine though. It is strong at 14.5%, however by Priorat standards it can be considered as  medium or even ‘lower than usual’, as most of their wines are either 15% or 15.5%.

The blend is made from Garnacha, Carignan (or locally labelled as Samso) and a bit of Cabernet Sauvignon. Aromas are not that exciting, some organic off smells are present, but they quickly fade away. Flavours are of generous black fruit, sweet spice and of some woody full bodied character. It goes well with additional layers of rich blackberry and bramble fruit, vanilla and cedar notes.

This organic Priorat wine is tannic, but exactly how we like it – round, ripe and very well integrated. There is something about how tannic is this wine- it has a bitter dimension to it, but not an unpleasant one, more like an additional dimension of how it is contrasting with the sweet spice.

It can be a very good introductory wine if you are new to Priorat. It will give you a typicity of a blend, good black fruit flavours, some minerality coming from that licorella soil that is making the wines as we know them (some call it ‘terroir’) and good job with maturing the wines in oak.


This wine was sourced directly from Spain using Catalunya Wine online store. You can find some other interesting wines from the same cellar in the UK by visiting Lea&Sandeman website.Have a look at the other Best Organic Wines in the top list and do not forget you can search for organic wines in the UK simply using our exclusive tool ‘All Organic Wines‘.


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