It is time for summer experiments with food and wine: strawberries, tarragon, goat's cheese and Tempranillo - I Blame The Wine

It is time for summer experiments with food and wine: strawberries, tarragon, goat’s cheese and Tempranillo

I don’t think I can get more excited about anything else rather than summer, its glorious sunshine, ability to host BBQ parties and serve amazing wines.

It will be a very short post now as I have simply been playing with some flavours that are truly summerly. Hopefully off soon to enjoy this all 🙂

Summer salad and organic wine

My experiment here is about combining fruit and cheese in a salad bowl dressed with a wonderful herbal mixture.

Meet my strawberry, goats cheese and walnut salad with tarragon dressing! Whilst I still cannot get enough of it, I am going to quickly outline how to make it, so it is on your table in no time. It is a power of Internet, isn’t it?

Ok so first of all your main ingredients are: strawberries, soft goat’s cheese, walnuts, tarragon, mixed salad (can do with watercress only, but doesn’t mater really). Everything else (I’d imagine) you have in your cupboard. 🙂

strawberry_goats_cheese_tarragonSo now all you need to do is repeat some of the steps below (for a salad for 2) and/or improvise (don’t forget to comment below on what exactly you did though, you naughty!):

  1. Create a dressing by mixing a tbsp of finely chopped tarragon leaves, finely chopped small shallot or 1/4 of small red onion, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 tsp cider vinegar (white wine vinegar is absolutely fine too), 1/2 tsp mustard, 1/2 tsp unrefined sugar (remember, let’s not eat refined one at all!).
  2. Arrange some salad and watercress leaves (previously washed, you lazy one), walnut halves, pieces of soft goat’s cheese and halves of strawberries in a very chaotic order as possible. If you can do something that will outshine Kandinsky or Miro, you are going to become a star of abstract salads.
  3. Finally, just drip and drop that dressing, taste it so it is well seasoned and enjoy!

I had my salad with a glass of Albet i Noya organic Tempranillo Classic 2014 and my herbal concoction for this salad’s dressing somewhat overpowered my wine! So be careful not to do too much with this powerful herb.

Other than that, when it’s really warm, you cannot go wrong with this salad. Oh, and it is vegetarian as well!


P.S. Wine recommendation was taken from our top list ‘The Best Organic Wines‘, have a look at it! Cheers

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