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Abellars Priorat

Abellars Priorat 2007, Spain

Priorat is a great Spanish region that holds the highest quality mark together with Rioja.  Abellars 2007 is an estate bottle wine that is a blend of Garnacha, Samso-Mazuelo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Why would you think estate bottled is a benefit. I personally think that is normally offers much more character and passion (some, more snobby…

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La Malkerida Bobal

La Malkerida, 100% Bobal

La Malkerida 2012 is made from 100% Bobal (I usually find it quite interesting, especially knowing that not so long time ago Bobal was the most widely planted grape variety in Spain). It is presented at a lighter style at 12.5% and thus mostly fresh and very pleasant. You should expect a very generous red fruit with…

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What to buy or avoid – January 2015

Brand new reviews start with the selection of four wines, more or less randomly bought at Majestic. They were marked as new wines, so I’ve thought that they will kick off my buy or avoid reviews. Before I go further on with the notes, I must add that even though I buy wine regularly, and mostly…

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San Roman 2010 Toro

Spanish red wine expansion is definitely way on-going and apart from obvious powerhouses like Ribera Del Duero and Priorat, let’s not forget about Toro. This particular bottle was made of 100% local tinto fino. This is one of the top Toro wines. Honestly, I bought by price parameter, but it did not disappoint – you…

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Wine by Freud

I always loved Cabernet Sauvignon. I remember the days when I was opening a bottle and all these names- Merlot, Shiraz meant almost nothing to me, I was just learning. Ah, no< I was not even learning at that stage, just enjoying the drink. These days just knowing that it is generally associated with abundant…

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My genes

It is funny to write this small blame and think that you wish so much that your mother won’t read this. Or maybe it is just sad to blame your extra pounds in the midsection on a thing you cannot even see – your genes? I tend to say that I tend to believe that…

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When I was called fat

I still remember the day I was called fat. I also imagine that it was not the first time, I was overweight for quite a few years during my first Uni studies, but that was definitely a wake up call when it happened to my face! That first Uni of mine was a culmination of…

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Pago de Carraovejas Ribera del Duero Crianza 2011

Pago de Carraovejas Crianza 2011 is an explosion of this typical Ribera del Duero flavours: think ripe strawberries and cherries, but also a layer of black fruit and vanilla. It is definitely not a youngish Crianza – it is round and powerful, at the same time bursting with fruit flavours. It has aged a little bit to…

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Wine lifestyle? Is it even a thing?

We all do lifestyle choices everyday. Do we decide to consume only organic (food and wine)? Does this organic wine taste any good? Do we need to avoid some nasty stuff in supermarkets (why to overload the liver with it)? Can we tweak our lunches or dinners to be healthier and maybe even better matched with…

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Welcome to ‘Wines to buy or avoid’

Where do you buy your wine? I won’t be so far from the truth to predict around 80% to say that in supermarket. Some will also say that they prefer big specialised chains (similar to Majestic wine warehouses) and only a small fraction of enthusiasts will mention small independent wine merchants or retailers. Well, I…

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Welcome to Blame it!

In the 16th century Paracelsus, a Swiss physician, said ‘wine is a food, a medicine, and a poison, it is just a question of dose’. What is your dose? What is your secret to a healthy balance between the pleasures of wine, good company and delicious food and staying healthy? This section is an invitation…

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Welcome to Wine & Lifestyle

Hello you, this is Wine & Lifestyle! Not to bore you with a lengthy intro, this section is to focus on a happy and healthy lifestyle, incorporating some new and fun wines, going for a few daring food matches and a couple of healthy tips along the way. Do you agree that there is an…

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