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Les Jamelles Pays d'Oc 2013

Les Jamelles 2013, Syrah, Pays d’Oc

Les Jamelles wine is made from Syrah grape from a French region normally associated with the bulk production, Pays d’Oc. It was a last minute purchase at ‘Co-Op’ – so frankly speaking, no major expectations at all. Yet let’s see what this bottle offers. For the budget wine it offers a good and straightforward nose of…

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Spartico Valencia 2014 organic NSA

Spartico Organic NSA Tempranillo 2014

Spartico is a NSA wine (that is for no sulphites added!). It is also organic and gluten free wine that made last year (2014) just nearby Valencia. It is deep purple in colour – just to reassure us of its young age (no age at all now!) Wonderful and pure organic Tempranillo gives this juicy…

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One 2009 Ribera Del Duero

One 2009, Ribera Del Duero

One 2009 from Ribera Del Duero was a recommendation from Oddbins. I have a nice corner shop in Clapham and I was pleasantly surprised how passionate and somewhat knowledgeable was the sales adviser. This was a Ribera del Duero for only 11 pounds, yet it offered a punch of a premium one. Let’s go on talking flavours here. Dark…

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Venta Vieja Malbec

Wine to buy or avoid – March 2015

In search of which wine to buy and which to avoid, this month I turn to two merchants – one solely dedicated to wine as Sunday Times Wine club and a second multi-sector grocer as Ocado. Sunday Times Wine Club was my end of 2014 discovery, when I joined them, and the experience so far…

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Las Uvas de la Ira 2012, Mentrida

This one has an amazingly long name. Starting with Las Uvas de la Ira, it is made at Vino del Pueblo in the Spanish DO Mentrida. Vintage is 2012 and is made of 100% Garnacha. Ok, not too bad of a name then, but this label is full of information, which could be really confusing…

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Regoa 2009 Ribeira Sacra

Regoa 2009 is a true Spanish gem that was awarded of more than 90 points, that is if you care about that! The wine is so mellow and bursting with fruit you don’t say it is 14.5% alc. It’s nose is quite restrained, but let it now fool you – the palate is juicy, elegant…

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A promise to myself

When asked about the actions how to drink less wine (I think back in 2007-2008), I have come up with an alternative solution: to establish a promise that I need to keep for myself. Basically, the idea is to allow yourself to drink with your dinners (of course when there is a suitable match for…

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Juan Gil 2012

Juan Gil 2012 Jumilla

DO Jumilla, Spain is becoming increasingly famous for their work with Monastrell.  This wine is of no exception- made in 2012 from 100% Monastrell grape on more than 40 years old vines it is bold (read, alcoholic as well, at 15%), and elegant example for Jumilla. Hot climates can make these wines rather sweet-ish and…

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El Roble Tempranillo - in flight

In flight lower alcohol

On my way back from Madrid, after flying across Western Europe with 3 different carriers, I have noticed that all of them offered red wines with 12% or 12.5% abv. It got me thinking whether they are taking into account that we get dehydrated during flights and alcohol doesn’t help with that matter, or this…

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Sula Nasika Zinfandel India

Zinfandel is quite an American prerogative since quite a few years, yet knowing that this perfumed grape also needs quite a heat to ripen, I thought why not, India is an up and coming wine region, let’s try that! The wine is highly perfumed and somewhat roundly, with intense flavours of cooked strawberries and plums,…

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Mercado: about the markets and wines

For all Londoners Borough market will be a place where artisan producers of the highest quality could be found and their produce tasted. Yet however having visited Barcelona (Mercado Santa Caterina) and Madrid (Mercado San Miguel) it is clear that we are missing on some points which make the whole experience work just that tiny…

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A thought about workplace pensions

I can see advertisements and some further information at work with regards to the new workplace pension schemes. It got me thinking about it – should I save more and get even more as it is matched by the company, or shall I contribute the minimum amount instead? The answer is not simple, as we…

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Veggie diet

A few words about a veggie diet

I must admit this was never a thought of mine, but one day I was dating a veggie and, knowing that I do like cooking, decided to try a veggie diet. Surprisingly, it was a massive success, because instead of my initial plan to try it for a few weeks, it lasted for a whopping…

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What if to mix the ‘wine diet’ ingredients together

When reading the suggestions from ‘Wine diet’ book, I suddenly had an urge to think whether there would be one dish that incorporates all of the main ingredients and creates a good match for wine as well. Thinking about a tannic red, and potentially abstaining from red meat it leaves us with poultry or white…

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Chateau Puygueraud 2010

What to buy or to avoid – February 2015

This time I turn to Waitrose Cellar to taste and explore their new wines. Again, as with Majestic last month I have selected a random batch of wines, which were marked as new, and here goes a review on what I have found out about them. 1. Domaine de l’Oranger, Cotes du Roussillon, 2013 The typical to…

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