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Albet i Noya Lignum! Penedes 2012

Discover Organic: Albet i Noya, Penedes, Spain

This is a first edition of my virtual wine travel column. I am convinced that companies that are on the forefront of organic winemaking deserve a special attention and care, as much as they give to growing grapes organically and producing amazing wines. I start with a company called Albet i Noya, which is located in…

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Naturae 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon M&S No Sulphites

What to buy or avoid – May 2015

This May edition of ‘What to buy or avoid’ on the supermarket shelves comes packed with flavour. I have been quite successful in sourcing new organic wines, one interesting one with no added sulphites, but also a few flavour bombs. Have a look and I hope you will buy some of these wines online to…

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Matching Wine and Food: a healthy way

Matching Wine and Food: a Healthy Way

Please have a look at my first ebook on wine and food matching. It is free of charge and I hope you like it. Feel free to try the wines and coo those delicious recipes from scratch!   Buy A Healthy Way to Wine Tasting Wine tasting is a sensory evaluation of a particular wine…

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Banana Ice Cream, Dairy Free, Sugar Free

I can eat ice cream now. Guilt free!

I always loved ice cream. I remember walking home  from the beach and harassing my mother to buy me a vanilla ice cream in a crispy cone (preferably with chocolate coating as well). Nowadays I cannot afford a good scoop of a rich Cornish ice cream – it is just too fatty, and I am horrified…

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Healthy BMI and cholesterol: facts or nonsense?

My partner and I have a different point of view on which paper to read over the weekend. I prefer the Guardian, but apparently nothing is better than Sunday Times. Oh well. A few weekends ago the latter contained quite an interesting and factual piece of work about health guidelines (i.e. healthy cholesterol levels and BMI),…

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Barranc Dels Comellars Priorat 2012

Barranc Dels Comellars 2012, organic Priorat

Barranc Dels Comellars 2012 from Priorat, Spain is an organic red wine. Alcohol 13.5% is surprisingly lower than what you get in Priorat usually (14.5-15%) . It has been aged for 3 months in barriques, so you can get first hints of woodiness and light touches of sweet spice, but not more than that. Let’s try…

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Toscar Tempranillo No Sulphites added organic

Toscar 2014, Organic NSA, Tempranillo

Toscar 2014 is a no sulphites added and also organic Tempranillo. It states that it has been produced at Hillside vineyard, located in ‘la tierra de castilla’. Alcohol is 13.5% abv. First impression is not very good. I started to think that this is the case why many producers still stick to adding sulphites, as they…

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Vina Arana 2006, Rioja Reserva

This wonderful bottle was sourced in Waitrose on my birthday (I thought I would buy something I know, but maybe better), so after paying approximately £22, I rushed back home to taste it. The name already promised much, as Alta is small, but very mighty sub-region, that normally produces only exceptional examples. The wine was…

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Frares Priorat Marks and Spencer

Frares 2013, Priorat

Frares 2013 is a young-ish  wine from Priorat. This was my first stop at Marks and Spencer to source Priorat fro dinner. I was quite surprised of the retail price as it was there at £11 (no special promotions). Let’s explore what’s the trick here. First of all, as you can expect from Priorat, it…

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The Wine Cake Craze

The is nothing in this world more pleasurable than indulging in the things you love and one of those being the Jamaican Christmas Fruit Cake with the secret ingredient being the  J Wray and Nephew Red Label Wine. I have had many meals with wine infused in them but there is just something powerful happening…

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Why You Should Be Drinking Organic Wine

By Kathryn Shanley “Let things taste the way they are.” – Alice Waters, chef, author, and owner of Chez Panisse Wine is a celebration of well-balanced taste, subtle aroma and silky texture. However, tantalizing fermented grape juice may not be the only ingredient dancing with your taste buds. Conventional winemakers add chemicals, stabilizing agents and…

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Fun games to play at your wine party

Wine parties are one of the most celebrated ways of taking some time off tiring work. Wine parties are common in all age groups. From high school students to middle age women and old buddies, wine party invites are a pleasure for everyone. We all attend wine parties now and then. At times, these parties…

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Calories in wine

Alcohol has 7 calories per gram compared to 4 calories per gram of sugar. Fat has almost 9 calories per gram. This means that the calories in wine bottle mainly depend on the alcohol ratio rather than its sweetness. This also means that some dry wines containing more alcohol ratio can have more calories than…

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Are there any fun wine tasting games for a party?

I have made a previous attempt in designing a DIY wine tasting game a few years ago. Actually, it was exactly two years ago as I have invited more than a dozen of guests for my birthday party. See how did it go here, it was published on my previous wine blog ‘Exposed Wines‘. However,…

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Crimson 2010 Red Blend California

What to buy or avoid – April 2015

So this April I continue to search for new wines online and on our supermarket’s shelves (that could be bought online of course), and share my wine findings with you. The following new wines were sourced from Ocado, Planet Organic, Sainsbury’s and two last ones from Sunday Times Wine Club. I have tried to select…

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