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Wine and health: a better lifestyle?

Benefits of wine Wine has a long history of being used as a medicine. The practitioners of Rome and Greece used it as an antiseptic and a digestive aid. Hippocrates, who was a renowned Greek physician, used wine benefits in the treatment of lethargy and diarrhea. In this article, we’ll see whether a wine is…

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Why to choose an organic wine

Organic wines, as the name implies, are produced organically and have several benefits over conventional wines. The organic wine may be more expensive than the conventional ones and there may not be any conspicuous health benefits apparently, but you’re definitely making an environmental friendly and a better choice in the long run. Organic wines are…

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Organic Tsantali Cabernet Sauvignon Greece

Tsantali 2011, Cabernet Sauvignon, Greece

The full name of the wine is Organiki Tsantali, Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Greece and I sourced it from Waitrose. The label says it all – it is organic, Greek and made from Cabernet Sauvignon (which is somewhat unusual as they normally prefer to work with the local varieties). The flavours are recognisable and full of black fruit, hints…

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Thirsty Earth Primitivo Puglia

Thirsty Earth 2012, Organic Primitivo, Puglia

This interestingly named wine, Thirsty Earth, is organic and made from Primitivo grapes in IGT Puglia. It is anothr organic find for me in Ocado, so let’s try. It has some bold black cheery flavours, woody vanilla undertones and hints of violets. It is amazing how good these flavours are expressing themselves – the wine comes from…

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Challenge yourself for two days a week!

Do not blame the authorities placing some strict rules on alcohol consumption: units and other guidelines, they should be treated as an advice. Yet different countries have slightly varying set of limits, be it daily 3 units, or not exceeding 28 units a week. However everyone agrees that you should have at least 1-2 alcohol…

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Why should you try a sensible diet?

I did a few attempts (successful as well) on dieting. Yet sometimes you feel that refusing a nice satisfying meal, especially in the evening, is bringing you and your life slightly down. That is what we think. I started noticing that it is a struggle of your mind over the body. Can I allow myself…

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Pure Cabernet Franc 2012

Pure Cabernet Franc 2012 Organic, Domaine Brau

Another good organic wine find this month was Pure Cabernet Franc, made by  Domaine Brau in Pays d’Oc, France. It is slightly aged wine of 2012 vintage and made exclusively from organic Cabernet Franc grapes. I must add a word about he grape and the region – first of all, there aren’t many examples of…

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Danebury, Hampshire

Fishy suppers and a good British white

A part of my New Year resolution, which was to follow my GP advice and eat less red meat, I have started to discover how joyful and light at the same time can be cooking some fish for dinner. This option will be my healthy food wine pairing, or several of them. Let’s start with…

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julienne peeler

They are not cooking and eating veg?

Have you ever wondered, how to motivate one to cook and eat vegetables? Probably not just nagging ‘eat veg, eat veg’! Well, I’ve got an answer for you: buy them a fancy kitchen utensil, in my example it is a julienne peeler or vegetable spiraliser. The former can look like this: It doesn’t need to…

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My own experience with 5×2 diet

This 5×2 diet is quite well known, so I would be brief: the idea is to appoint two days during the week, when you fast. It also doesn’t mean you need to drink only water. As a guideline you should slash your daily calorie intake by four – so for women the recommended one is…

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Priorat tasting masterclass

Have you discovered the elegance of Priorat?

Attending wine events and masterclasses is a true entertainment for a wine enthusiast, don’t you think? It has been my first Decanter masterclass, mainly because I always thought it could be slightly on the snobby side. Well, the Landmark Hotel in London only proves that point, yet the rest was quite casual and warm. I…

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Blau Montsant

Blau 2012, Montsant

Blau 2012 is coming from Montsant region, which is adjacent to Priorat, but doesn’t have their remarkable slate soils, and also the price tag. Yet all and all, the wines could be compared to the more prominent brother, and they normally offer a very intriguing complexity. This wine comes with the typical alcoholic strength of 14% and…

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Ayres De Escal 2008 Priorat

Ayers de Escal Priorat 2008

Ayers de Escal 2008 comes from one of my favourite Spanish regions of Priorat. I had been shopping in Clapham and decided to try Oddbins, whether they had something to match with my upcoming venison feast. So I bought this Priorat (there were just two different ones) for £12, which is quite cheap for good…

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Art 2010 Bierzo

Art 2010, Bodegas Luna Beberide, Bierzo

Art 2010 made by Bodegas Luna Beberide comes from DO Bierzo in Spain and even though I have mentioned about it before, I would like to re-instate the overall growing reputation of this Spanish region, which produces intensely fruity wines full of elegant peppery spices and herbal notes. This Bierzo wine has spicy cherries when you…

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El Chaparral Navarra 2011

El Chaparral Navarra 2011, Bodegas Nekeas

El Chaparral 2011 from Navarra is produced by Bodegas Nekeas and is an estate bottled wine. I feel more attracted to estate bottled wines, because they were made by proud winemakers, who showcase how a single estate can produce grapes, do magnificent work with them (winemaking) and then should it be required, mature the wine. That…

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